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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Visual Effects and Some Reading

Hey Hey Hey,

I finally managed to put another blog together and recover from the weekend. It was fun and I might be doing another sometime in January but I'm still waiting on the OK from the higher-ups. It's raining a lot in Vancouver today but it's nice and warm on the inside and I like it. I'm also getting into some reading lately and started with 'The Secret from Rhonda Byrne'.

Anywaysss check out some of the kewl links I managed to wrangle together below.

Check out this behind the scenes look at a Rango Audio Recording Session.

Yet another post-production house closes its doors this time in Santa Maria after serving 17 years in the industry, CafeFX Officially Closes and had this to say:
After 17 years in business, CafeFX/ComputerCafe has decided to officially close its doors. The current economic climate and global marketplace have made it unrealistic for us to continue to deliver the highest quality visual effects work, which has been our hallmark, at a competitive price and a sustaining profit.
Read More over at Animation World Network (AWN).

Alice in Wonderland: Green Screen
I stumbled across some VFX breakdowns for Alice and Wonderland over at AWN.

Here's an interview of Sharon Taylor from the web series, Riese: Kingdom Falling. I've been following it lately and it's getting pretty good. Also check out their website for much more content. And to get the scoop on Sharon Taylor scoot over to this neatly kept fansite, SharonTaylor.webs.com.

Anyways, that's about it from me for now, hope you are enjoying the Christmas Season, see yah for now.