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Monday, December 20, 2010

Flying Dance & Green Screen Fun

What A Week !!!

For the past few days I've been working like CRAZY!!! Straight from work on Friday I caught the second day showing of TRON and it was pretty awesome of a movie. I wasn't a huge fan of Digital-Jef but for what it's worth, it was good.

Green Screen Shot: Flying Dance
Saturday I worked on set for a Dance Video Promo for Flying Dance Studios and it ended up being lots of fun, downside, getting up at 6:00am for a call-time at 8:00am. I was Junior Visual Effects Sup for the day which was neat, I oversaw the green screen and tracking for the shoot. Alot of pretty girls dancing, high tech equipment, green everywhere and food will always be a recipe for a great day. I had the pleasure of working with some pretty kewl people and wanted to make a honorable mention to them (if I left anyone out, please shoot me an email):

  • Barry Lui
  • Feish R.
  • Jimmy Hsu
  • Kyle Chiang
  • Lily Hsu
  • Mark Cheng
  • Shang-Han Chien
  • Theo Ip

I've been updating my site offline but I don't have access to the server at the moment so I can't upload updates for a while now. Hopefully the problem will be fixed soon and you guys can see what I've been up to lately.

I got this from Rick Young and it shows how you can composite an explosion using After Effects, scoot over and check it out.

Check out a friend's very kewl dedication for John Lennon titled "The Biggest Beatles Fan EVER" I thought it was really good piece.

Thats about it from me for now, gotta get to work in the morning, I'm out guys, G'nite ...