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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monday Depart, Tuesday Arrival

I gotta say, it's not bad of a day. I got my shot approved and it's looking good. We're finishing up Haunting Hour and heading straight into a Feature Film. This one sounds interesting as it's a very technical and creative. I should be starting that one tomorrow as I wrapped up my last shot for Haunting Hour. It was fun but I'm ready to move on ... :)

This one's called 'Edge of the Garden' and I really don't know a whole lot about it. I'll be getting a brief on it tomorrow to hear what's it about. Hopefully it's something I can take on and if not something to learn without too much difficultly.

Besides that, there's alot of strong winds in the city tonight, holy smokes it almost blew me away ... Dang it I need some wind clothes now. SEARS !!!

The Animae Caribe thing is on so I'm getting a photo taken on Thursday to send to the festival for the weekend. It's exciting to always get published however small or big it might be. Lets see how this one turns out.

I better get to bed, but before I do, check out this company: Radium Reel FX. They worked on 'Katy Perry - Fireworks' Here's some Behind-the-Scenes footage of the Video

Also check out Ethan Lader who directed Bruno Mars - Just the Way You Are

... and for my code monkeys out there: Dot Net Slackers

G'nite ... and Happy 'Would-Have-Been' One Year Anniversary ...