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Monday, November 22, 2010

Mattepainting & More ...

Hey hey hey guys,

I've been a bit under the weather for the past few days but I'm feeling alot better now. Spent some time this weekend recovering and recovered I am. Im my spare time I dug up some interesting links, check them out. I also made alot of changes to my website, mostly coding but some noticeable ones as well. Browse over to my site Carphology Entertainment and tell me what you think, specifically the Artwork Section.

As I'm getting better with Nuke, I want to try and complete a 15-Sec visual effects piece ever month starting this month, learning something new everytime. For the first project, I'll be making a camera projection out of my last mattepainting 'The Far Side' which should be completed and uploaded by December 1st, 2010. *Yikes*

Check out some amazing work by Bruno Wagner and Cris de Lara at CG Society.

Some amazing pics of supermodel Frida Gustavsson in 'In Bed with Roberto Cavalli'. There's also some new pics of supermodel Alejandra Alonso from Valencia, Spain.

Looking for a good laugh, check out my mid-day funny time, iJustine and with Marc’s crazy project, The Advice of Strangers.

I forgot to mention this earlier but the The Animago Conference 2010 was on 28th & 29th of October 2010. Check out some of the amazing lineups for the conference from Pixar, ILM to Scanline VFX.

Had this lying around for a bit and it seems interesting, check it out, Bondi Short Film Festival 2010

I highly recommend signing up and creating a portfolio at Behance Network, you won't regret it.

Also check out Belinda Rodriguez and the Trinidad based festival, Animae Caribe which officially started on Monday.

I got a Twitter request from Peregrin Studios located in Singapore. Gotta say, I'm liking their environment a whole lot.

Wow, now that's alot, I guess I'm making up for lost time, I'm out, G'nite

P.S. My 'Hot Chocolate Girl' is back ...