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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holy Smokes It's Freezing in Vancouver & Other News

I spent most of my day indoors but today dropped to -10 degrees with tonight being -17 degrees. A very good reason to cover up and sleep BUT that's not gonna happen. Today I officially started on another movie, The Edge of the Garden with The Haunting Hour pretty much completed.

I spent a few minutes updating my site again and added 3 new images from my collection and added them throughout this blog.

Along the lines of exciting, I'm apply for the VES-Autodesk Student Award Competition for a tight deadline of November 30th and hoping it goes through.

Check out some kewl work from Henry South, a VFS Grad from the 3D Animation & Visual Effects Program at VFS, old school style and his honorable mention in the VFS' Blog

Graduating one class behind me, Jeff Merkel an animator of 3d82 finished his final titled “Le B’anana” which made it to the VFS Blog, check out his story and how he actually got into animation.

To add icening to the animation-cake, check out one of my good friends, Andy Cheung's 4-minute animated shot 'Orizuru (Paper Crane)" and his review at the Richmond Review.

Now to some sad news, after 11 years in production Asylum Visual Effects in Santa Monica is closing their doors. WTF!

Stargate Studios did some pretty kewl work for The Walking Dead, check out the article at FX Guide.

I gotta say, I love my code, check out the HTML5 Web Messaging Draft.

P.S. Birthday wishes going out to Katie Better, Kendell Sylvester & Shivani Atwaroo. Hope you guys had an awesome rockin' Birthday.

It's 12:56 AM and it's COLD, I'm off to bed guys, Peace !!!