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Saturday, November 13, 2010

ACM SIGGRAPH Student Services (S3) Mentor for Mattepainting

It's official, I'm now helping out with the Mentor Program for SIGGRAPH where I'll be reviewing portfolios specific to mattepainting. I'm excited about it as I really like stuff like this. Helping out where ever I can gives a warm fuzzy feeling on the inside. My last academic stint was back at NorthGate College presenting on Graphic Design and Job Opportunities for Trinidadians in the field of art.

I also updated my website: www.carphology-entertainment.com, trying to make it a bit more interesting and user friendly, check it out and tell me what you think.

Unfortunately, I have to work tomorrow to finish off one of my shots and start another, the shot's coming along but I'm not entirely pleased with it as yet. Hopefully I'll get it done by the weekend's end.

I also got published as the Web Developer for the Vancouver Asian Film Festival and got a small blurb at the back of their Program Guide and I'll be uploading a link to that soon. There is also talk about a VFS blog thingy but lets see where it goes with that.

Well ... hoping to having a good weekend, see yah ...