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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Online Movie Rentals & Disney Movies

So, I wanted to share some thoughts I had floating around in terms of the movie industry. I used to visit the open theaters back in Trinidad where we'd pull in with our cars, park next to a miniature standing speaker and wait till it got dark to see the movie on the giant movie projector. Transitioning to that, now there's movie rentals online or access to buy movies online. Everything seems to be moving digitally and it's all about online movies recently. Then I remember watching lion king movies, Pinocchio, Fantasia, Peter Pan or even The Little Mermaid movie on weekends flocking to see the latest on that impressive movie projector at the time. It was the greatest movie experience at the time and probably will be for years to come. Even here in Vancouver you can go to the David Lam Park and see open nights on a movie projector on Saturdays with friends.

The craze is all about digital content for on line movies with the ability to rent movies almost any specific time you want. Before you'd have to drive to movie clubs to get decently cheap movies but now you have the ability of downloading movies online. You can even download movies or have streaming movies online for the iPad and iPhone which personally I think it's a tad bit too small.

I don't know many people who would download movies legally anymore but I think it's on the rise towards being able to rent movies online. If I had a TV I'd probably have movie on demand or have a movie rental service of some sort.

I have a few vintage movie posters at home I'm sure and it was fun to have them on the walls in my room. I never really got into the craze of collecting them though, just the random ones I always got from time to time. Now that I work for TV I guess the ideas change over time and understanding the amount of work and time it takes to have a single movie made and the incredibly talented people to make it all happen makes it harder to not purchase the movies. At the end of the day, it's all about change and moving with the time and keeping up with what viewers want.

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