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Friday, May 18, 2012

Canvas Painting, Battleship & The Avengers VFX

I spend alot of time painting digital art on the computer or working with computer animation software such as Maya or Lightwave, but I still remember painting art of canvas. At my old apartment I had an art wall, which was mostly canvas art paintings from the art gallery or artwork framed from various artists.

Canvas painting is pretty unique now as most of it is digital artwork, my work included. Art on canvas or canvas painting is rare if compared to digital content, with computer animation software doing some pretty impressive digital artwork. However I`m still a fan of wall decor being oil paintings or acrylic paintings as framed artwork on my art wall.

Talking about digital artwork and computer animation software, here`s some sweet VFX breakdowns for the much hyped features, The Avengers and Battleship ...

VFX Roll Call for The Avengers (Image Courtesy FX Guide)

Battleship, The Art of VFX (Image Courtesy Universal Studios)

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