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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cindy Lou Potter at the Cellar Night Club

Hey guys,

Some exciting news ... tomorrow night (Tuesday 22nd 2011) at the Cellar Night Club a friend of mine Cindy is performing with some great music for the night, read more below:

Cindy Lou Potter
Tuesday Night Music Club (TNMC) Presents:

MISS CINDY LOU POTTER. For her first show of 2011!! come out and show your support for GREAT, new music.

TNMC is Vancouver's premier live music and music networking night! Come network with our music industry panel while enjoying some of Vancouver's best indie artists.

With 10 live performers and a panel of 5 industry guests, who are looking to meet and do business with musicians and other music business professionals, this night is not to be missed!

Featuring Miss Cindy Lou Potter and other great local artists.
Check her music out at http://www.myspace.com/cindyloupotter

Thank you

Additional Info about Cindy Lou Potter, R&B Singer/ Songwriter:

Check out her Official Website to get more info about Cindy or subscribe to her Twitter Account to get the latest on her performances.

* http://www.myspace.com/cindyloupotter
* http://radio3.cbc.ca/bands/Cindy-Lou
* http://myspace.com/cindyloupotter

See you guys there ...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon and Some Random

I thought I'd share this with everyone as it looks pretty frickin kewl. Enjoy guys.

Today was fairly ok with the new episodes rolling in. Looks like it's gonna be an OK-isk week with lots to get done and deadlines in sight.

Evolve CG

Also Check out Evolve CG 2011 with speakers already lined up including Shane Acker, Peter Zoppi and Kenny Roy, sure looks like an interesting conference. Get more info at Evolve3d.net

I'm out, G'nite ...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Features are Out and Series are In

Hey Everyone,

It's been two crazy weeks but I'm back. I've been spending almost 14-16 hours a day at the office trying to get the 'Features' out and today I get my wish. We wrap production 'Officially' and now we're back to the old drill of the TV Series. I must admit it was one hell of a ride, tough at most times but I pulled through when needed.

Amidst all of the chaos, I became Project Manager at the studio and I now supervise a small team of three and I must admit, we have a well balanced team. I feel confident and look forward to future projects.

After wrapping up the Mission Impossible 60 Seconds Competition provided by Virgin Radio Vancouver, I got an email concerning another project in the works ... Another VFX Supervisor gig which I'm never immune to working on Set. Let's see where it take me and I'll keep you guys posted.

I decided to get a bit serious about Camera Projections and I've provided a Wikipedia link for those interested in a bit more detail. I'm currently working on a 5 second shot of a desert scene using Vue, Photoshop, Maya and Nuke to complete the shot. I'm consulting tutorials and exploring the true depths of the software as I'm trying to push the capability of what is considered 'average' for each. I'm looking at another week deadline if all goes well but more so a learning process than anything else.

My fav TV show is back and better than EVER ... Californication is 'Rockin out ...' and it's gonna be yet another enjoyable Season as it continues with Season 4.

Also some Tron loving web stuff: Talking Tron with Digital Domain by Motiongrapher.

Anyways guys, I'm recovering from my 2 week hiatus and with that I bid you farewell ... G'nite World !!!