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Monday, January 03, 2011

Remember the Good, Toss out the Bad and Re-live the Awesome, 2011

Hey Hey Heyyyyy Happy New Year Guys,

Happy New Year 2011
Happy New Year 2011
So we're rocking the 2011 already and it's gonna be one hell of a year. There's already so much in store that I can feel the Awesome-ness. Last year had its moments both bad and good but I managed to move through it. I finished school, found a job and get through some rough times but all in all it was AWESOME.

You remember the good times, toss out the bad times, and re-live the Awesome ...

How did you guys spend your Christmas Day? I ended up cooking with my roommate and enjoying a hearty breakfast and lunch / dinner. Check out the menu we ended up experimenting with which turned out to be a feast fit for kings.

3D World Mag

Now enough about me, how about some visual effects ramblings .... I'm hoping this studio, Gravity makes a lasting impact in Holywood for 2011. Not only Visual Effects driven, they also specialize in content-creation and SEO for website. Check out their website at Gravity FX and good luck guys.

Check out 3D World Mag with some amazingly kewl content and read throughs, a definite recommend for this site on all things visually kewl.

Anyways, I have to be up early tomorrow for another long day, back to work and life in general. Hope you guys have a rockin' Monday and more so a very snazzy 2011 ... G'nite