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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Chicken Wrap and Cashews on Air Canada

Chicken Wrap & Cashews on Air Canada before SIGGRAPH 2012

Quick back story .... Friday 3rd Aug I worked a 13 hour shift and slept for about 4 hrs from 12:15 pm till 4 pm, did some random stuff and headed back to the office for another late night. Left office around 2:00 am Sunday morning, slept at 3, up a 4 and at the airport at 5:30 am ... WATTT !!!

Finally right before I get through security the TSA asked a bunch of questions I didn't know the answer to and BAM, I miss my flight by 15 minutes. Luckily I got booked onto another Air Canada flight and got to LA around 10:30 am but I had to run for 45 minutes to get to the other gate in time before the flight left. That's where the adventure began.

I waited for a Shuttle (15 bucks) and headed to the convention center, dropped my luggage, met up with Anie (super awesome cosplay dressing, conference attending superstar legend). Grab a cup of coffee and cashews I had left over and ran to my Mentor Program with 5 minutes to spare. Holy Hell what just happened?

(3 hrs later ) Atleast my students were happy to hear what I had to say and they enjoyed their 30 minute Portfolio Review Session with me. They were all super talented and I'll share with you some of their work in the up-coming blogs.

Okay, I'm out for now, catch yah on the flip side ...