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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Squamish-Land and Tron-ified

Hey guys,

How's it going? WOW, now that's a long week, holy smokes. I worked till 2:00 am almost everyday with Tuesday at 8:00 am and sleeping most of Wednesday.

Squamish, Vancouver, BC
This weekend I spent some time over in Squamish which was wicked kewl. I made a roadtrip video which I'll be posting soon but neath-less to say, it was an amazing trip to be there. I want to go there again sometime soon.

We finally wrapped up 'The Haunting Hour Episode 109' and started two other movies, 'A Family Again' and 'Never Tell A Lie' which looks like another intense week but lets see how it goes. I'm recovering from last week and hopefully I'll feel alot better by Monday.

Itzel Rodriguez
Check out 3D Water Text Effect with Repoussé in Photoshop CS5 over at Abduzeedo.

And this why I heart Google, Call Credits for Military Families this Holiday Season.

Itzel Rodriguez, a Graphic Artist and Visual Effects Artist who has an amazing eye for design, check out her portfolio on her website at ItzelPixel. She is a really good friend of mine and a great person on the whole.

There were some new images coming out of the Autodesk University about 3 days ago and though it would be kewl to check out. Here's some more Tron loving over at IndieWire for the article, Tron Legacy Early Reviews and another at the Herald Sun, Tron - Back to the Future & Next Generation Tron Man. But there's more, here's a Behind the Scenes Featurette for Tron. And the final one, Tron: Legacy Innovative Design Bonus Clip

Tron Legacy
If you're a huge fan of Fashion as I am, check out this years Victoria's Secret Fashion Show over at SuperModels Industry.

There are some amazing work over at CGHub, if you're not already a member, signup and make a portfolio, it's worth it.

Here's some work from Jake Raymor, 3D Artist at Bad Robot and it's really good stuff, some kick ass Z-Brush work. And for some mattepainting work, check out Jorik Dozy who worked on 'White Swan', some amazing work from him.

Jorik Dozy: Mattepainter
I saw this site a few days ago and bookmarked it, thought I'd share with you guys, it's Designioustimes.

Here are a list of some of the sites I frequently visit for CG related stuff. If you have more, please include them in a comment below.
  1. CG Channel
  2. CG Hub
  3. CG Society
  4. 3DM3
  5. Zbrush Central
I had an amazing day today thanks to a good friend Shiraaz for being absolutely random and unplanned. How did you guys spend your Saturday, I'm outta here, G'nite ...