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Monday, November 01, 2010

Wrappin' Up Production

Today was an interesting day. We are about to wrap up Jason Priestley's western feature film, 'Goodnight for Justice' after 2 solid weeks of work. We were worried but after some long nights managed to get it done on time. As for now, we are working on breakdowns and shot previews for the producers awaiting on final approval.

In addition we started concept dev for the new kid's TV show with modeling, rigging, animating, some mattepaintings and the general look of the show. We are looking into ways of making the show more 'beautiful' from a viewing perspective, sort of an 'Avatar Effect' with great visuals.

Work has been great and really enjoying the atmosphere of the environment. I hope to work on some more visual effects and mattepaintings and the TV show starts to pick up. Looks like a good start to my career here in Vancouver.

I want to start and finish a 15 sec video every month but all based on camera projections, mattepainting and texturing of objects to develop more Nuke, Maya and Photoshop skills. Hopefully I get some time to finish some personal projects.

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